Omaha Bee Club

Our annual bee sale will be moved to January 22nd due to the weather.  It will be held from 1:00 to 3:00 at the Douglas County Extension Office.

We are a local bee club in the Omaha, NE area to help our area beekeepers bee successful.  Our local focus is in the Omaha/Metro area.  We have members from approximately 11 Counties in Nebraska and Iowa who have joined or participate in Omaha Bee Club activities.

Please see the Project section for bee removal contact info.

Please look through all of the various pages on our website as we provide information and resources in a wide variety of areas relating to bees and beekeeping in the Omaha/Metro area.

What Is The Omaha Bee Club

The Omaha Bee Club is a 501c3 educational beekeeping association.  We try to help honey bees maintain healthy, living populations in the Omaha/Metro area.  In order to accomplish this, we provide a number of support, resources and services to area beekeepers who then use those resources to keep their bees in healthy, populous conditions.

As a 501c3 educational association, donations and contributions to the Omaha Bee Club are tax deductible and are a very good way for supporters of bees and the local environment to invest in our shared ecological community.

Our Beginning

The Omaha Bee Club started life with about 4 members in about June of 2010.  

One of the members had a conservation bee yard at a location on Fontenelle Forest property for the sake of allowing bees that had been “rescued” and relocated to re-establish their colonies and recover from the stress that relocation puts on the colony.

After a couple of people expressed interest in learning beekeeping and the Bee Club was founded.

At the time, the meetings were held at the Conservation bee yard, the group took on the name of “Fontenelle Bee Club” in honor of the place it got its start.  Since then, the Bee Club changed its name to Omaha Bee Club to avoid confusion with Fontenelle Forest.

Since that June in 2010, the Bee Club has grown incredibly with over 120 memberships having with several of those being family/group memberships and we continue to add new members every month.


Our mission is to help local beekeepers to be successful in their beekeeping endeavors.