Our Team

Meet our Board Members!  Each one brings their own perspective to the beekeeping world.  


Lynn Danzer - President

Lynn has been beekeeping for 48 years, he started beekeeping at 14, when his father brought home some hives and gave them to him.  These hives had wooden shingles instead of frames! 

He has 60 colonies of bees, half in Iowa, half in Nebraska.  Most of these are located outside the city.


Bob Loghry - Vice president

Bob has been beekeeping for about 5 years.  He started 20 years ago helping a beekeeper.  He loves to watch the hives grow and now as a Master Beekeeper, he loves helping new people get started with beekeeping.

He has five colonies at this time.  He has two in town and three in the country.  


Phil Lee - Vice President Education

Phil has been beekeeping for five years.  He lived in a house where bees had built a hive in the walls when he was six years old.  This fascinated him with the idea of beekeeping.  When the time was right, he became a beekeeper.

He has six hives in the country. 

Book Cook.jpg

Bob Cook - Treasurer

Bob grew up in a beekeeping family, so it is in his blood.  He worked for his father and uncle in the summers working the bees until he went to college.  He decided to start his own colonies when he retired as a hobby, since golf didn't suit him.

He has anywhere from four to eight colonies.  He has one in his backyard, Fontenelle Forest and some next to some farmland.  

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