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Extract your honey with Lynn Danzer - Members Only

Honey Extraction for Omaha Bee Club Members Only - With Lynn

Saturday, August 24, 2019

If you want help extracting your honey, please call Lynn Danzer at 402-321-3754. He is planning to help Omaha Bee Club Members extract honey on Saturday, August 24, 2019. You must call Lynn to set up the time and place.

Club members may also borrow the club's extractor.

It is that time of year when many people need to extract their honey.

Things for Omaha Bee Club Members to bring:

1. Bee-Free supers of capped honeycomb (warm honeycomb extracts better)

2. Food-grade buckets/containers for your honeycomb cappings

3. Food-grade buckets for your extracted honey

4. A tarp or cover to protect the inside of your vehicle from dripping honey from the extracted supers. An upside down hive top cover could help with this.

Note: Warm honeycomb extracts faster and more completely than room temperature honeycomb. One website says, "The temperature of honey to be extracted is very important, because warm honey of 90° extracts VERY EASILY, but room temperature honey at 70° is difficult to extract and can result in broken combs and not fully extracted frames."

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