Working with the Omaha Community has given us the ability to put an apairy in the Bohemian Cemetery.



Bohemian Cemetary

The Bohemian Cemetery is a non-profit, non-sectarian cemetery.  It is one of Omaha’s early cemeteries, having been established in 1883 by Czech immigrants. The cemetery has been in continuous operation since its founding.


Lynn Danzer 

Phil Lee

Sandy Zeleny - Master Gardner


The Bohemian Cemetery has allowed the Omaha Bee Club to use approximately an acre of land on the South side of the cemetery for a teaching apiary.  We also use this area for our Beekeeping Market as well as a staging area for picking up bees from our vendors.

This partnership is invaluable to the Omaha Bee Club as it gives us a place to learn and gives our Master Gardeners a spot to showcase their incredible talent.